SALOMED Functional Beverages

SALOMED Healthy BeveragesIn today’s hectic and health conscious world the long awaited “breakthrough” in the beverage business has been the development of genuine health improving nutraceuticals. Drinks with active components that can provably enhance long-term energy levels during sport (rather than giving just a quick sugar kick), make dieting easier by increasing fat metabolism and reducing hunger and increase your levels of concentration and even reduce stress and anxiety. Dr. Stephan Schimpf a MD and nutritionist from Austria has been involved in close cooperation with Prof. Kresimir Pavelic for many years in the development of trendsetting and new nutritional concepts and nutraceuticals. The idea of developing a new pharmaceutical beverage concept arose, as he believed there were some serious health concerns to overcome with existing energy drinks and none yet offered medicinal ingredients in concentrations that could give real benefits. Under the working title SALOMED FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGES (SFB) genuine health improving nutraceutical drinks with active components were developed. The big vision for SFB is to create the first global pharmaceutical beverage trademark based on scientific knowledge and experience that is designed to provide wellbeing, healthy aging. Highly refined epicurean properties and distinctive corporate social responsibility shall be benchmarks of the project

Nutraceuticals, food or drink (nutrition) with genuine health enhancing pharmaceutical content has been widely predicted to be the major growth area of the global drinks market. Drinks with supposedly medicinal herbs, flowers or vitamin cocktails have already been appearing on the shelves in response to this trend and even classic brands such as Coke are already adding vitamins and other additives to their core recipe. Some drinks have even gone as far as to begin to include potentially active nutraceutical ingredients, but not in concentrations sufficient to have a genuine effect. The main issue posed to all producers however, remains certificated raw material which can be achieved by including scientific experts and testing.

Stephan Schimpf

Born 1956 in Munich, Bavaria he attended some elementary and high schools in Germany and Austria. After his high school diploma he studied medicine in Vienna, Austria. During this period he already began to focus his attention to alternative and nutritional medical treatments. So it was a logical consequence that he became very early one of the pioneers of orthomolecular medicine in Austria. Based on his experiences he was involved in the development of many nutritional products some of them can still be found on the shelves of Austrian pharmacies.

A distinctive spirit of research enabled him to develop a personalized nutrition program based on laboratory findings and follows a completely different path than ordinary diets: a special blood test tracks down precisely those foods which make you personally put on weight.

So it was only a short step for Dr. Schimpf to develop parallel to his activity as nutritionist healthy beverage ideas. His very first product in the beverage industry anticipated the ideas of  a combination of Palatinose and amino acids. This product was developed as prototype and used for first test markets mainly in Austria. Through this product history Dr. Schimpf holds all production contacts. This refers to raw material suppliers, bottlers, registration specialists and even lawyers with experiences on the field of beverage brands. In order to build up a worldwide beverage brand, Dr. Schimpf decided to look for investment capital and to create a new product line completely separated from his first product.

Kresimir Pavelic

Prof. Dr. Kresimir Pavelic will render scientific support and consultancy to SFB. He is Dean of Department of Biotechnology at the University of Rijeka where he leads research activities in the fields of molecular medicine and oncology, medicinal chemistry, development of high-throughput analytical platforms for food analyses. He holds international functions and memberships including the position of Secretary General of the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC), Membership at the EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation), Membership at the Standing Committee of the European Medical Research Council, European Science Foundation, President of the National Scientific Council of Croatia.