This is how the SALOMED Test works

Weniger Kilos mehr Energie

The Medical Test

With the medical SALOMED Test, you can permanently, healthily, and naturally lose weight while significantly improving your energy level. Using the so-called 3-component system, we analyze which products your body can process into valuable energy most efficiently and, above all, completely.

Conventional calorie counting always leads to the yo-yo effect. For this reason, the SALOMED Test takes a completely different approach. Based on your individual parameters, we identify precisely those foods that can be best processed into energy in your body, thus significantly improving both your figure and your vitality in the long term. Simply put: slim and fit through the right choices!

The Three Components for Sustainable Weight Loss

In the first step of the test, your blood values are recorded and evaluated. This provides us with important information about your personal metabolic situation. In the second step, your constitutional parameters are then taken into account. Gender, age, height, weight, and body mass index in particular can play a decisive role in the metabolism of different foods. After many years of development, we have found a method to reliably take this into account.

The next decisive step is a unique feature of our analysis system. This is because we test individual foods and the interactions between the individual products. Meals and recipes very rarely consist of a single ingredient. This is precisely why we always use the SALOMED Test to assess the combinations of individual foods and their effect on your metabolism.

So we analyze exactly what ends up on your plate. This step is important because it allows us to give you personalized recommendations tailored to your specific metabolism. Our method is unique and goes far beyond conventional food tests, such as metabolic tests, IgG, and DNA tests.

The result of the SALOMED Test allows you to target your daily nutrition plan to lose weight, build muscle, and improve your health and well-being. Discover the benefits of a personalized diet and get started with the SALOMED Test today!

Personalised Medicine

Since science has explored personalized medicine, it has been known that foods are processed completely differently by different people despite the same diet and lifestyle.

Simply put: What some can process into energy without any problems, makes the body weight shoot up rampantly in others. So if we know which fuel our metabolism processes particularly well, many things will become much easier.

The Traffic Light System

With the SALOMED Test, we provide you with clear information on which foods are best for losing weight and subsequently maintaining your body weight. To do this, we evaluate the influence of different foods on your metabolism. You will be able to easily integrate the results of your SALOMED Test into your daily life. In the SALOMED Test, for example, we have managed to completely dispense with tedious calorie counting on the one hand and complicated recipes on the other. Basically, Mediterranean cuisine is particularly suitable for achieving your goals sustainably and, above all, with pleasure. Your results are simply and clearly divided into 3 groups using a traffic light system: allowed - rare - forbidden.

The Realization

Basically, you have two options to perform the SALOMED Test. Either you go with the laboratory set, which you will receive from us after ordering the test, to your family doctor or to any other person who can take your blood. You then send your blood sample in a special envelope by mail directly to our partner laboratory. However, you can also go to one of our partner laboratories in Austria, Germany, or Luxembourg to have your blood drawn. We will of course send you the addresses for these.