This is how the SALOMED Test works

Developed in 1994 by Doctors


The SALOMED Medical Test

SALOMED Test is a medical method for permanent and healthy weight loss. It analyzes which products your body can process best and fastest into valuable energy.

Conventional calorie counting always leads to the yo-yo effect. For this reason, the SALOMED Test takes an entirely different approach that you can really stick to slim by doing the right thing! [1] [2] [3]

The 3-Component-System

The SALOMED Test is a unique 3-Component-System that analyzes your metabolic type based on blood analysis, your personal constitution, and individual interactions between individual foods.

The result of 70 food items is clearly displayed in a traffic light system:

allowed - rare - forbidden


Personalised Medicine

Since science has explored personalized medicine, it has been known that foods are processed completely differently by different people despite the same diet and lifestyle. [4]

Simply put: What some can easily process into energy, makes the body weight of others rampant upwards.


The Implementation of the SALOMED Test

After ordering the SALOMED Test online, we will send you an analysis kit by mail. With this, you go to your family doctor, for example, to take a blood sample. You then return your blood sample to our laboratory by mail.

In addition, you can also go to one of our partner laboratories in Austria, Germany, or Luxembourg for a blood sample. We will send you the addresses for these.


Fewer Kilos, More Health

Being overweight is not only a cosmetic problem, but can be responsible for a variety of ailments. Over time, it can develop into serious illnesses with long-term damage. Don't let it get that far in the first place! [5]

A Global Paradox

It's a bit of a paradox - today we know exactly what the negative consequences of obesity are. Nevertheless, the experts are faced with a great mystery, because diets have failed worldwide so far. But the solution would be simple: Just eat the right food!


Metabolic Stress

Fast food and convenience products of all kinds are the enemies of our metabolism. Every meal that has to go quickly puts a strain on our body. When nutrition becomes a mere triviality, metabolic stress begins.

Our metabolism simply needs time. Start yourself with your diet and eat with pleasure and leisure! [6] [7]

With a Knife and Fork

Boost your metabolism and reduce fat tissue sustainably! Losing weight improves your life decisively. Take your own health into your own hands with a knife and fork.


Losing Weight Boosts Heart and Circulation

In the fight against fatty tissue, our heart always remains the big loser. Thereby, overweight is really a completely unnecessary problem and can be solved in the simplest way!

Eating to Your Heart's Content

What does our heart really want? Everything that keeps it healthy and vital.

With the right nutrition, we free our heart from a great deal of stress. And this is exactly where the findings of personalized medicine come in. You too can learn about the foods that really do your body good. [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Thanks from the Heart

Just the heart thanks on a healthier lifestyle spontaneously. This includes a healthy diet, sufficient exercise, efficient stress reduction, and, above all, not smoking!

Losing Weight and Hormones

While weight gain during menopause used to be accepted as fated, today's modern woman is no longer willing to accept it that way.

By the way, there is also the andropause,so the change of men.


Diet is the Best Hormone Treatment

At the center of our metabolism are the so-called energy-rich phosphates, from which ultimately also arise the hormones.

Therefore, the better we adapt our diet to the respective life situation, the more efficiently the body's own hormone production will also function. [13] [14] [15]

Active in All Life Situations

Physical and mental fitness are not limited to a certain age. Immobile and sluggish children and adolescents are an increasing social problem. Junk food in combination with lack of exercise is the great danger of today and the killers of tomorrow!

Weight Loss and Cellulite

Cellulite is a widespread problem. Even athletically active and well-trained women are not spared from it. Once there, it is unlikely to disappear.

But good news is that it can at least be successfully prevented with the right diet.


Hormones as a Root Cause

A healthy connective tissue is determined, among other things, by the acid-base balance. Acidosis in this tissue leads to a disturbance of the hormonal balance with clear consequences.

The skin shows unsightly dimpling, reminiscent of a orange skin. Despite many promises in advertising, there is hardly any cosmetic or medical treatment that can reverse this condition. [16] [17]

Prevent Cellulite

The good news is that you can do something against the development of orange peel skin! An individually adapted diet prevents the acidification of the connective tissue and thus counteracts the development of cellulite.


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