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The SALOMED Test & Costs: Your Individual Solution for Healthy Weight Loss

The SALOMED Test revolutionizes the concept of weight loss by focusing on a personalized approach. Instead of relying on simple calorie counting, the SALOMED Test opens up new ways to lose weight and overcome the yo-yo effect. The 3-Component-System, consisting of blood values, constitutional factors, and interactions with food, forms the core of this unique analysis system. The SALOMED Test costs, including follow-up care by Dr. Stephan Schimpf, amount to a total of € 300.


SALOMED's 3-Component-System: A Comprehensive Understanding of Your Metabolism

The SALOMED 3-Component-System is the core of the test and ensures that you receive an individual and precise analysis of your metabolic behavior. In a multi-stage process, your blood values and constitutional factors are recorded and evaluated. But that's not all - the SALOMED Test also takes into account the complex interactions between different foods. After all, a meal often consists of more than one product, and it is these combinations that have a significant influence on your metabolism.

Personalized Recommendations for Your Nutrition Plan

The result of the SALOMED Test provides you with valuable insights into which foods optimally suit your metabolism. Based on the results, you will receive personalized recommendations on how to specifically adjust your diet. These recommendations will not only help you lose weight, but also build muscle and improve your health. Unlike conventional food tests, the SALOMED Test offers a practical and everyday solution without having to rely on tedious calorie counting or complicated cooking recipes.

Healthy Weight Loss with a Focus on Metabolism

The SALOMED Test sheds light on metabolic processes and reveals which foods your body can process best. This is crucial not only to lose weight but also to optimize your health. Metabolism has a huge impact on various aspects of your health, from cardiovascular function to hormonal processes. By losing weight in a targeted way and adjusting your diet, you can not only reduce your weight but also increase your overall well-being.

Make Healthy Decisions for Your Future

The SALOMED Test offers you the opportunity to make conscious and informed decisions for your health. Through the individual recommendations, you can target your diet and thus benefit from the positive effects of a healthy metabolism in the long term. Investing € 300.- in the SALOMED Test not only allows you to control your weight but also to take your health into your own hands.

The SALOMED Test - Your Key to Sustainable Weight Loss

The SALOMED Test offers a groundbreaking method to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. With an innovative analysis system that includes the 3-Component-System from SALOMED, you receive personalized recommendations for your diet that are tailored to your individual metabolism. This makes the SALOMED Test a valuable tool not only to lose weight but also to promote your health. Invest in your future and take your health into your own hands - with the SALOMED Test.