Stephan Schimpf MD

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Stephan Schimpf MD

Dr. med. univ. (Univ. Vienna) Stephan Schimpf recognized early on that usual nutrition and diet models cannot be successful. With the SALOMED Test, he developed a model for individually adapted nutrition as early as 1994.

In addition, he has provided medical advice to several health centers in Austria, Germany as well as in Italy and the USA. He was able to continuously develop the SALOMED Test through the experience gained from this. Today he is convinced that healthy nutrition in combination with regular exercise is the best medicine.

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Eine besondere Dienstleistung ist die persönliche Nachbetreuung durch Stephan Schimpf MD. So steht er bei allen medizinischen Fragen rund um den SALOMED-Test immer zur Verfügung.

SALOMED-Test - a Proven Method

We have been carrying out the SALOMED Test very successfully since 1994. It all started in top-class sports. Especially in skiing, golf, and motorsports, numerous athletes have trusted this form of dietary change. Word quickly spread that the SALOMED Test not only improved athletic performance but above all that body weight could be reduced in a completely natural, healthy, and lasting way.