The Secret of Weight Loss

Less GIP and more GLP-1


Are You Familiar with GIP?

The term GIP stands for Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Peptide. This is a metabolic hormone that is mainly released in response to sugar stimuli - and very quickly. The specialized cells for this are found in the duodenum and the upper small intestine.

The task of GIP is to partially convert sugar into energy with the help of insulin, but also to store it as fat tissue. The whole thing made a lot of sense back then, when we still lived as hunter-gatherers and could not eat regularly: fast supply of energy and at the same time precaution for times of need. This Fast-Food Hormone of the Stone Age still exists today, the consequences are well known!


GLP-1 is Something You Should Get to Know!

GLP-1 also referred to as Glucagon-like Peptide-1 is a metabolic hormone produced in the lower small intestine that has a variety of functions.

Like GIP, GLP-1 stimulates insulin production, but it does so in a much more balanced and slower way. This means that long-chain sugars or complex carbohydrates can be processed into energy over a much longer period of time. It can therefore be described as a Slow-Food Hormone.

Furthermore, GLP-1 helps to keep blood glucose at a balanced level - that is, to avoid both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

If the body needs more energy than is available during exertion, GLP-1 is even able to draw on the fat reserves and convert them into energy.

The fact that GLP-1 additionally delays gastric emptying and somewhat decreases gastric juice production while calming the center for cravings in our brain makes it an extremely useful and sympathetic contemporary at the same time. So the question can only be: what is the best and most natural way to get better GLP-1 levels?

Decision support

GLP-1 Booster through Personalized Nutrition

You have the choice, either you boost your GLP-1 level through so-called weight loss injections with possible side effects and high permanent costs or you go the natural way and simply change your diet.

With the personalized nutrition you hold namely the key to the secret in your hands to reduce the fat tissue permanently on the one hand and to supply the body with valuable energy on the other hand. In short: Lose weight through a lot of pleasure or with injections - you decide!