Losing Weight during Menopause

Nutrition and Hormones



The hormone system plays a major role in controlling metabolic processes. In women, this system has a very complex structure. Essentially, there are 3 different hormones that have a regulating effect. These are primarily estrogens, which have a wide variety of functions. They not only control the menstrual cycle and the maturation of the eggs but also have a significant influence on the mammary glands, the skin, hair and nails, bone formation, the blood-forming system, and the nervous system.



The progesterone is the second hormone that strongly influences the body of women. On the one hand, it works hand in hand with estrogen, and on the other hand, its function is to maintain and accompany the entire pregnancy. This also explains the very complex and broad mechanism of action of these hormones, whose real significance has probably not yet been fully researched. In any case, progestins also have an influence on physical well-being.



It is not so well known that the most diverse metabolic processes of women are influenced by the male hormone, the testosterone. It mainly controls the development of bones and muscles and, together with estrogen, the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Testosterone also has a major influence on the psyche and is also very significantly involved in the control of libido in women, although much more complex than in men.


Fat Redistribution

In the course of life, there is a natural decrease in hormone production. Changes appear in the sense of weaker muscles and bone structure as well as an increase in fatty tissue, especially in the subcutaneous area. This in particular is clearly visible to the outside world and is considered very stressful by many women.

It is a big mistake to become a frustration eater especially in this situation. Sweets are just as little a solution as physical inactivity.

Whether the administration of hormones for the purpose of the figure improvement in the framework of a hormone replacement therapy can be regarded as a solution, may be doubted in the meantime more than. If at all this treatment form is suitable only for certain medical Indikatonen.


Creeping Often Early Onset

Men can also suffer from andropause, often much earlier than women. Physical and psychological stress, lack of exercise, inferior and unbalanced diet, alcohol, nicotine, abused drugs and much more can weaken the production of the almost only thus most important male hormone testosterone very early.

If then at the latest with mid 50 the classical change begins with the man, this can lead to a true disaster for the health.


Healthy Nutrition and Regular Exercise

The only healthy solution to sustainably improve the metabolic situation in menopause is the combination of a balanced, varied and personally adapted diet with regular exercise.

Which way you choose is always in your own hands. Under no circumstances should you neglect your body during or even after menopause. Do not hesitate and be active!

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