Losing Weight with Diabetes mellitus

Nutrition instead of pills and injections


Diabetes Requires Moderation!

No, at this point we do not want to deal with the rarer types of diabetes mellitus, but with its most frequent form, Type II b. In short, this is the form for which we ourselves are responsible. The risk factors are easy to identify: obesity, malnutrition, and lack of exercise are responsible for this form of diabetes.

Whereas Diabetes II b used to be called adult-onset diabetes, today it often occurs in adolescence and even in childhood! This is a fire-dangerous situation and urgent action is required.


Break the Sweet Vicious Cycle!

Of course, you can make it very easy for yourself and treat the sugar disease initially with medication and subsequently with insulin injections. The consequences will follow gradually. First, the body weight will continue to increase, and later, long-term damage in the form of circulatory disorders, wound healing disorders, eye disorders, and severe sensory disturbances will occur.

Yet, in most cases, it would be without problem possible to lower blood glucose levels sustainably, avoid or even discontinue the medications and injections, and avoid long-term damage.

The simplest and at the same time most effective therapy in the treatment of diabetes type II b is losing weight. As the kilos fall, so do the blood glucose levels. In the longer term, the pancreas can regenerate to such an extent that it can once again provide insulin in sufficient quantities. With this form of sugar disease, the goal must therefore always be to live again completely without medication.


Just Run Away From Sugar!

Whether you run, swim, walk, bike, or do any other balancing exercise, you will always use it to boost your metabolism and take big steps toward health.

No athletic feats are necessary to achieve your goal. Your consistency alone will lead you to a healthier, more active, and therefore happier life. The diagnosis of Diabetes Type II b is initially not a life sentence but can be actively influenced by you and at least significantly improved. Even a complete cure can become possible.