Losing Weight Based on a Blood Test

The SALOMED Method

The SALOMED blood test is a medical system developed by Stephan Schimpf, MD for completely natural and therefore healthy weight loss as well as effective performance enhancement. It analyzes which foods are processed better or worse by the body. This provides you with a precise overview of which products you should include or exclude. This method falls under the category of so-called personalized nutrition.

If you nourish yourself with the right products, you will permanently reduce your body weight and significantly improve your performance level. In the process, you will avoid both the tedious counting of calories and complicated cooking recipes. You will even eat with joy and much pleasure.

Naturally Losing Weight is the best Medicine

Excess kilos weigh heavily on our hearts, lead to increased blood pressure, damage blood vessels, put a strain on joints, and can even be responsible for unsightly skin changes. Diabetes and gout are also consequences of excess weight, as are tiredness, listlessness and even depression.

Eating healthily also means enjoying!

Not a single drug - including weight loss injections, which only suppress the feeling of hunger and thus prevent the desire to enjoy food - can work as well and without side effects as healthy and lasting weight loss with natural and tasty foods.

While conventional starvation diets only consider weight, the SALOMED Test leads to a permanent and thus healthy reduction of body fat and a simultaneously significantly increased energy level, propelling you forward both physically and mentally!

So, no more senseless starvation diets. With the SALOMED Test, you precisely identify those foods that will make you slim and consistently energy-loaded. If you truly want to eat healthily, you just need to eat the right things!

Lose Weight Successfully and Easily

Unter der Leitung von Stephan Schimpf MD führen wir den Bluttest nach der SALOMED-Methode seit 1994 in Deutschland, Luxemburg, Österreich und der Schweiz erfolgreich durch. Während bei üblichen Hungerkuren die Kilos meist nur in Form von Wasser verloren gehen, kommt es zu einer dauerhaften und somit gesunden Reduktion von Fettgewebe. Es schwinden also nicht nur die Kilos – auch Ihre Figur wird sich verbessern!

In addition, you can achieve much more with the SALOMED Test: initially a method for professional sports (from alpine and Nordic skiing, golf, athletics - here especially running - and motor sports), the test has now developed into the optimal method for strengthening your performance and health. With this diet you achieve a balanced supply of all body cells and thus support your defence system from the ground up. Healthy nutrition is far better than all food supplements combined.