Since 1994 the SALOMED Medical Blood Test

The Concept that Makes the Pounds Disappear!


The Medical SALOMED Method

SALOMED Blood Test is a medical system for healthy weight loss. It analyzes which foods are better or worse processed by the body. Thus, you get an accurate overview of which products you should eat or omit. Therefore, the method belongs to the so-called personalized nutrition. [1]

If you eat the right products, you will be able to reduce your body weight permanently. You will do without both the annoying calorie counting and complicated cooking recipes. You will even eat with joy and much pleasure. [2]

Lose Weight Permanently!

With the SALOMED Test you lose weight healthily and sustainably. The unique 3-Component-System gives you a precise overview of which foods your body processes better or worse.


Slim and Powerful

Dr. Stephan Schimpf has been successfully performing the SALOMED Test since 1994. While usually only water is lost during usual starvation diets, the SALOMED Test results in a permanent and thus healthy reduction of fatty tissue.

Initially a method for professional sports, the SALOMED Test has since evolved into a method for healthy weight loss with subsequent performance enhancement. [3]


Losing Weight is the Best Medicine

Excess kilos weigh heavily on our heart, they lead to increased blood pressure, damage the blood vessels and make the joints "crack". Diabetes and gout are also consequences of kilos, as well as fatigue, listlessness and even depression.


Who Ever Wants to Lose Weight Must Eat!

No drug can work so well and without side effects on our body as healthy and permanent weight loss.

No more pointless starvation that never leads to success anyway. The SALOMED Test finds those foods that make you slim. If you want to lose weight, all you have to do is eat the right food!

Abnehmen in den Wechseljahre - Natürliches Abnehmen mit SALOMED Abnehmen ohne Hunger

Stephan Schimpf MD

Dr. Stephan Schimpf founded SALOMED in 1994. He recognized early on that conventional diet plans cannot bring the desired results. That is why his focus is on personalized nutrition.


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